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Friday, September 12

  • Show setup and registration of entries
  • Entry Registration
  • Carvers get together reception

Saturday, September 13

  • Judging of carvings in showroom
  • Judging of decoys in the fountain pool
  • Seminar/Demo
  • Awards Banquet
  • Cocktail bird auction

Sunday, September 14

  • Seminar/Demo
  • Carving critiques by experts
  • Mini redhead drake decoy trade competition
  • First Virtual Digital Decorative Lifesize Carving Competition

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The Columbia Flyway Wildlife ShowFeather & Quill Carvers in partnership with the City of Vancouver’s Water Resource Education Center extend a warm welcome and a cordial invitation to attend the 27th Annual Columbia Flyway Wildlife Show & Northwest Championship Competition on September 13 and 14, 2014. Join us for a great experience.

This show has the reputation as the premier wildlife carving show and competition in the Northwest. The facility at the beautiful Water Resources Education Center on the banks of the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington has every amenity that an art show focusing on wildlife sculpture could ask for. The show focuses on hand carved, textured, and painted wood sculptures of birds, fish, and mammals in fifteen competitive divisions.

View the judging of wildlife carvings in the main auditorium and the decoys in the fountain pool. Take advantage of the free seminars and demonstrations. Plan to be present for the first Virtual Digital Decorative Lifesize Carving Competition displayed on the big screen on Sunday afternoon. And as if that is not enough, join us at the Fountain Pool for the 6” mini decoy floaters “trade” event where grown carvers get more excited than they should at the intense competition and nail biting dramatics.

The Will Hayden Memorial Awards will be awarded to the best of show for intermediate and novice carvers. Due to the generous donations from area carving clubs and individuals who benefitted from Will’s years of friendship, mentoring, and support, this award will be given for years to come.

This show is a member of the International Wildfowl Carvers Association (IWCA). If you enter the IWCA Divisions and are a member of IWCA, you will be eligible for IWCA National Events such as the Championship contests. Check the IWCA rules here.

Click Here to View the Winners from the 2014 Show

by Donald Baiar

Vancouver Washington’s Feather & Quill Carvers in partnership with the City’s spectacular Water Resources Education Center, hosted our 27th Columbia Flyway Wildlife Show drawing 114 artists from 19 States, 4 Canadian Provinces, and 4 British Shires. Artists entered 331 skillfully rendered carvings in bird, fish, animals and new digital categories.

A stunning White-crowned Sparrow won BEST OF SHOW honors and the coveted Audubon Award for master carver Washington’s own Peter Kaune. The Best of Northwest $1200 Purchase Award also went to Peter for his exquisite Swainson’s Thrush. Washington’s own Jerry Poindexter bagged The Best of Washington Back Yard Bird $1000 Purchase Award for his winning Red-shafted Flicker. The Feather & Quill Club $500 Purchase Award picked Californian Brad Snodgrass’s beautiful Red-breasted Merganser. N.W. Washingtonian Tom Newell earned The Ducks Unlimited Award for his stately hen Shoveler, and the Mayor’s Award went to Ivan Lee’s Green-wing Teal hen. A Tiger Trout scored the Carver’s Choice Award for Oregon’s Brian Carpenter. The author favored a lifelike Peregrine Falcon by Oregon’s William Castillo for Chairman’s Award. The People’s Choice Award was won by Gene Boyd’s precious Bobwhite Quail. Oregonian Ron Edward’s Brown Trout was chosen by a team of judges for the Water Center Award and the Will Hayden Memorial Awards for the best amateur level carvings gave first place nod to Arizonan Brian Sandwich’s entrancing Canyon Wren, second to William Castillo’s Green-winged Teal, and third to Gene Derfler’s pair of Rainbow.

Our entertaining but fiercely competitive Sunday event that causes grown men to swoon, the 6” Mini Floating Redhead Decoy Trade, drew in 22 entries to the picturesque fountain pond. Californian Gary DeCew's two year reign in top spot was crushed by the author who swam into first by a bill with honors for a well researched entry (author’s opinion). Idahoan Ted Smith paddled in a close second with Washingtonian Vern Jones’ mini quacker nipping at his heels in third. The challenge goes out to all for next year’s event featuring the Harlequin drake.

Purchase award species for 2015 will be the Pine Siskin for the $1200 Best of NW Award and an increased award of $1200 is slated for a pair of Oregon Juncos in the Best of Washington Backyard Bird Award.

The first ever Digital Decorative Carving Competition went international with a surprising 46 entries from 16 artists. UK carver Paul Dalby swept first, second, and third place amateur level for 3 outstanding waterfowl entries, a first place King Eider , a second place Pintail and a third place Red-breasted Goose. Open level winner from Iowa Bob Kroese took first for a fine Blue Jay and third for his African Pygmy Kingfisher. Second went to Ohioan Tom Baldwin’s Screech Owl.

Come enter Vancouver's CFWS next year on Sept. 12 & 13, 2015.

Contact: Donald Baiar: dbaiar@comcast.net or Byrn & JoAnne Watson: jobyrn@comcast.net

Photography by Matt Furcron

Judy Caldwell, Oregon

Judy is a native Oregonian who grew up with a great love of animals and the wilderness. She has been involved with art and diverse mediums since childhood. In the early 1990’s she was first exposed to the beauty and warmth of wood sculpture. Judy feels that wood is the perfect medium to give her artwork depth and richness and has designated highly realistic sculpture as her method of interpreting her love of all wildlife. Some of her proudest moments have been winning the Best of Show. "What a tribute to compete with and be judged by the foremost in wildlife art."

Judy says, "It is my hope that through my carving I can demonstrate to the public the wonderment and beauty of our abundant wildlife and the responsibility we all have to provide and protect the habitat necessary to insure the survival of all the species."

The 2013 Feather & Quill Purchase Award is the Raffle Prize for 2014. Tickets can be purchased for this Stellar’s Eider carved by Brad Snodgrass of Junction City, California. Tickets are available now by mail and will be sold on the show weekend. The drawing will be held Sunday at 3:30 pm.

Tickets are $1 each or 12 for $10. You need not be present to win.

Mail your request and check to:

Don Baiar

1117 NE 124th Ave

Vancouver, WA 98684

Washington Federal Junior Duck Stamp
2014 Winners

Exhibited in the Water Resources Center 2014 Winners—August and September 2014

2014 Winner
Nicole Lobkov
Age 15
Vancouver, WA